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Mobile & Web-Based Application Development

The Services You Need

Our well-rounded design and development teams can produce the end-result you need using whatever platforms and devices your users require:

  • Software Development
  • iOS & Android Applications
  • Cloud Base Programs
  • Server & API Integration
  • Custom Web Applications

From People You Can Trust

Sofmen stays true to our word and will deliver your project exactly to specification. But don’t take it from us, see what other’s say:

“We moved away from one developer to Sofmen, and the difference is night and day! We can always rely on Sofmen to get things done right the first time, often overnight.”

If you feel trapped by your current developer, we can help.

On-Time and On-Budget

What we say, we do; no ifs, ands, or buts.

Sofmen will work with you to create a scope of work and will stay true to it, making only approved changes when necessary. You won’t be hit with any surprises. Your project will be delivered when expected (barring no unexpected delays ) for the price we quoted.

The key is good communication, and you can expect it from Sofmen.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Sofmen

  • Sofmen built a scalable administrative tool from the scratch. They are a trusted and a reliable partner and we are satisfied with Sofmen’s performance. We think we’re getting a very good value for what we spend. Our collaboration with them is ongoing with no plans to stop!

    Vice President of Engineering Data Security Firm
  • My fears in dealing with an offshore company were around concerns that they wouldn’t work as fast, or they would be working on multiple projects during the time they billed to me. That has not been my experience with them, and they’ve been as available, if not more available, as my onshore development team was. They’ve met the delivery schedule easily. We have regular meetings, and they’re effective meetings. I never feel like I’m being gouged around time or anything. I’ve had a positive experience with them.

    Chief Executive Officer Photography Service
  • Anuj came into a very difficult situation and did a excellent job. He was asked to evaluate an existing high profile internet services development project that was significantly over budget and late. He systematically and diplomatically interviewed all constituents of the team and objectively evaluated the real status. He then prepared a report which was presented to both management and the board which resulted in several million dollars in savings. In my 40 years in high tech management I have rarely worked with a more capable, conscientious or objective technical executive. I highly recommend him.

    Board of Directors, Mentor, Angel Investor
  • Anuj is highly intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated to making a project succeed. He brings creative ideas to the table and also enjoys being challenged. I’ve enjoyed working with him on several projects.  

    Senior Information Architect / UX Strategist
  • Anuj is a man you can trust. That to me is the highest praise one can give. He will deliver what he says he will, and if there are issues he will give you advanced notice. His team is top notch and hard working.We have been totally satisfied in working with Anuj and Sofmen.  

    CEO, Founder at Intelevision
  • I contracted Anuj and his firm to develop a prototype application to automate research. Sofmen delivered the prototype on time and on budget. They also provided additional services outside of the original contract to help us expedite research needed. I recommend Anuj and his firm and would use them again.

    Manager of Content Operations at Google
  • Anuj is a very smart and hard-working person with lots of integrity. He always did top-quality work at (where we were co-workers) and he has brought that mindset to his new technology outsourcing company, Sofmen Inc.

    Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Investor
  • Offshoring can be a risky strategic decision, and our team naturally had some apprehensions about offshoring aspects of our development. Anuj and his team went beyond simply assuaging our apprehensions––Anuj was a joy to work with. Anuj was an incredibly quick study, which allowed us to entrust his team with more work than we originally envisioned. Not only is Anuj a good manager, but he is also a talented engineer, unafraid to roll up his sleeves and contribute.

    Civitas Learning
  • Anuj is a seasoned architect with a strong grasp of various aspects of developing a successful product. He excels at backend server and database design and has strong capabilities in Product design as well. If you want to build a web/mobile product that is reliable and scales well, Anuj is the guy you want to build it.

    VP Engineering at
  • Anuj is one of the most technically competent professional I’ve worked with. He understands the complexity of managing a large scale consumer product and can create solutions that can scale well for it. He can manage all facets of a web based application development. He is also very entrepreneurial and can work tight budgets efficiently.

    Experienced Executive, Entrepreneur & Mentor

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